• LittleYogiLou

The benefits of a varied practice.

It can be all too easy to settle into routine and comfort. But by having a varied practice, with a range of teaching styles, you can get so much more out of your time and find different cues, postures, sequences and philosophies that you might not have otherwise come to experience.

As someone who tends to lean towards a fast paced challenging vinyasa flow for my own personal practice, I find it quite challenging to be still and present during a yin class. Whereas if yin is your thing, you might like to try something more high energy and check out a Bikram class, or even aerial yoga to mix things up.

The time of day that you practice can also be something to explore. Try a morning flow class and literally salute the sun – how does it affect your energy levels throughout the day? Or slow down with an evening restorative class. Does that affect your sleep?

Some teachers come from a more philosophical or spiritual angle, and others focus on the physical body. All can offer a unique experience and add depth to your practice.

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