• LittleYogiLou

Creating sukha... healthy space

When we see a gap or space. There can be a compulsion to fill it.

Empty space in the cupboard - better buy something to put there.

Free time in the calendar - better plan something.

Even distance or space between people, must get closer.

In your asana practice also perhaps.

But what if instead we allowed that space to remain?

If we didn’t buy the things, but saved our money and instead that we’re content (Santosha) with what we already have available to us.

If we didn’t make those additional unnecessary plans, but instead allowed space to breathe, be still, contemplate, and just be.

And if we allowed space in our relationships to just be in our own space, how that might feel? Perhaps a little unfamiliar or lonely. Or perhaps liberating and indulgent in its own way.

How can you create healthy space or sukha in your life and practice?

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