Little Yogi Lou's journey thus far.... 

When I go back to the start of my journey it is so amazing to see how my perception of yoga, and its significance in my life has evolved. I first started off with a few classes here and there at my gym. Being a naturally flexible person I just thought it was a bit of fun. It wasn’t until I first attempted bikram yoga and vinyasa flow that I realised how challenging this practice could be. This only made me want to try harder, come more frequently and develop my strength. Initially – I struggled – a lot!


And then over time I realised that if I focused on my breathe, and let it guide me, I was able to sit longer in dreaded chair pose (hello quads!), find balance in warrior 3 (sometimes), and sink deeper into my forward fold.


Along with this new key to yoga in using control of my breath, I started to realise that being guided by my breath wasn’t only helpful when on the mat/in the studio. When I am stressed at work, find myself getting wound up or overwhelmed by life in general, focusing on my breath can calm me and bring me down a few notches.


In recent years, I have built some amazing connections with those in the yoga community, used my practice to guide me through challenging times in my personal and professional life, and learnt that it is so okay to fall and stumble, as long as you get back up and try again.


Yoga has absolutely become an integral part of my life, and I feel blessed to be able to share my experience with others.


Namaste x




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